OK! Now the Cevinio Multi-OCR delivers an invoices with an ‘as high as possible’ accuracy. Now the real work can start!​

We understand that if you have operations in 80 countries, using multiple ERP systems and operate Shared Service Centers in 4 regions, it is quite a challenge to process all invoices in a consistent way, taking global and local invoice and tax compliance rules into consideration. Activities that your agents in the Shared Service Centers perform will very likely include:​
  • PO line and GRN line matching
  • Non-PO invoice line coding​
  • Tax coding
  • Invoice checks
  • A digital transformation from paper/PDF to electronic invoices​
A cumbersome and labor intense process! 

The Cevinio Low-code, No-code Robot does exactly that for you. Automated, and asking for help if it is not sure enough.​ We understand that black-box AI and finance processes make accountants nervous. That’s why the Cevinio Low-code, No-code Robot provides an audit trial for every single action that it performs.​ You can compare it with a human brain: There is a black box (the algorithms), that then generate if-then rules ‘for itself, by itself’, where each rule has a unique reference.​ The robot is setup as a multi-dimensional accounting- and compliance framework, where groups of rules are assigned to (groups of) company codes.
Cevinio Invoice processing automation applying AI

The result:

The Cevinio Low-code, No-code Robot performs the activities that people normally do, in a controlled way, delivering an audit trial where decisions are based upon. Combining the best possible (line level if needed) OCR capture accuracy with the Robot are two important ingredients for touchless invoice processing.​

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OK! Now the Cevinio Multi-OCR delivers an invoices with an ‘as high as possible’ accuracy. Now the real work can start! Read more


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