HIGH ACCURACY WITH OUR MULTI-OCR Artificial Intelligence ​

You want the highest possible accuracy results, in order to achieve the highest possible productivity. Right?

Our team has over 300 years of experience analyzing OCR capture tools. Each tool has it’s Pro’s and Con’s with one thing in common: They all make mistakes!​ The actual accuracy is the result of first the OCR Capture, followed by the interpretation of the captured data. Cevinio never developed it’s own OCR capture tool, but used Iris OCR Capture since the start, later followed by Google Tesseract.​ Cevinio has been developing algorithms for 15 years to interpret the data that is captured by the OCR capture tools, resulting in very high accuracy rates!

However, as always, our algorithms are also not perfect.​ That’s why Cevinio is constantly upgrading the Artificial Intelligence and the AI is now able to select the best available OCR capture tool in the market, for each individual invoice!​ The portfolio of available OCR capture tools consists of the more know names like Iris/Canon, ABBYY and Kofax as well as more and more new AI-based OCR Captures tools.​ Unique is the intelligent combination of great header-focussed OCR tools, combined with line-level OCR capture tools (preferably without templates, but sometimes with templates).

The result:

A Cevinio platform that delivers the best possible accuracy results today, and since we keep on plugging in new tools, also the best possible accuracy results in the years to come!

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